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Sveiki atvyke. Welcome to the Romuva USA/Canada site!

Romuva is one of the oldest of the Pagan revivalist religions.

Romuva is very grounded in traditional Lithuanian culture, and not related to other Neopagan traditions. Rumuva is an ethnic religion community continuing live Baltic pagan traditions which survived in folklore and customs.

Worship centers around a pantheon with many Godesses and Gods, which asserts the sacrality of nature as well as the practice of ancestor veneration.



The Baltic faith does not negate other religions and Gods, but emphasizes the sacredness of nature first and foremost.

The core of the faith is harmony (Darna).
First, darna aspires to inner harmony: people at peace with themselves.
Second, it endeavours to create harmony at home and in the community.
Third, it pursues harmony with the ancestors.
Finally, it quests for harmony with the universe, i.e. with life and with the divinities.

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